We follow now basically the same tradition.St. Gregorios is our only indigenious Saint.St. Thomas came to us from outside and died as a martyr here.He is our Patron Saint, the founder of our Church, the great Apostle and the High Priest after whom the ruling throne of the Indian Church is named.

We venerate many saints besides the Blessed Virgin and the Thirteen Apostles (including St. Mathias and St. Paul) ; some are Old Testament saints like St. Elijah and St. John the Baptist.Others are Palestanians, Egyptians, Asian Greeks, Romans, Syrians, eg. St. Stephen was a Palestinian .St. Athanasius ans St. Cyril were Egyptians; St. Basil and St. Gregory were from Asia Minor; St. Clement and St. Julius were from Rome.St. Ignatius and St. Eustathius were from Antioch and so on.

There must have been many Saints in the History of the Indian Chruch whose names and memories history has not preserved for us.But here is a brilliant Saint, a truly Holy man of God, a real spritual doctor who deserves in every way to be venerated as a Saint.

There were three things which characterised our Saint.

First and above all he was a man of prayer.At midnight and before dawn at all the canonical hours and even in between his heart was unfailingly always turned towards God.It is this steady devotion that shines through his face and manifests him as truly Holy.

Second, he was a great teacher.His illustrious disciples are themselves eloquent witenesses to his prowess and powers as a teacher.Mar Dionysius the Great (Vattasseril), Moran Mar Baselius Geevarghese II (late Catholicos), Konat Mathen Malpan and Mattackal Alexandereos Malpan all four illustrious cheere his students.


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